Astrology Insights
By Levi Banner

September 9th, 2018

Hello from the San Francisco Bay Area!!! I’m just on the other side of Burning Man and about to head down to Peru. I came here to explore a little after some decompression at Sierra Hot Springs and some Reno action….

What a whirlwind of traveling lately.

The sky is seemingly swirling around us and with all the visible planets other than Mercury are very visible in the evening. It’s a trip to see the change in perspective from one part of the world to the next.

Though no matter where you are, we are all dancing to this cosmic concert playing from all around us.

Here are my insights for this current time.

September 9th
New Moon in Virgo
Venus moves into Scorpio

The New Moon is a great time to plant seeds of intention….

This new moon is closest to earth called Perigee. The New Moon is closer to home and therefore more intense.

This New Moon is in the sign of Virgo.

Virgo is the sign that honors the feminine ways of life and the sacred patterning of nature.

Virgo is an earth element sign, a sign of the Mutable modality in which we call In Service to Spirit in Shamanic Astrology.

So let your new moon intentions be connected to what most connects you to nature and your sacred purpose in life. The purpose beyond what you do for work. Purpose is what you live for.

You don’t live for work. You work to live.

Nature is full of patterns. The seasons, the elements and the planets all flow in a beautiful harmony of life. Virgo is the sign most attuned to this flow of nature and the way everything is interconnected.

It’s time to connect what you do with what you love.

When I was at Burning man last week someone gave me a chance to pick a card… the card I drew read this:

“Always make time to do the things that make you happy to be alive”

One thing leads to another and before you know it you are making consistent change through your sacred service. Virgo brings it’s physical form into service of the great mystery. Often done through ceremony, ritual, music and forms that connect to patterns and detailed alignment in some way or another, usually in a very particular way.

I said all that so I could say this:

Now is the time to align with that holy part of the universe, which is that same part in you. Let is unfold naturally.

Venus moves into Scorpio

This very same day of the New Moon the planet of the sacred feminine, Venus, moves into the sign of depth and intensity, Scorpio.

Venus, the brightest planet in the sky is moving towards the end of her cycle and the brightest she gets in this current phase. She now crosses into the last sign before her next movement through the underworld and into the next cycle.

Scorpio is the sign of the underworld. The depth, full feelings, extreme emptions and all around aliveness is the way of Scorpio.

Scorpio explores both dark and light, up and down, in and out in the most extreme ways.

It’s time for the feminine to prepare for an intense transformation.

With the new moon in Virgo at the same time Venus moves into Scorpio there is a deep under worldly experience of the earthy energies of the new moon.

Virgo and Scorpio are the two main shamanic paths.

The Shamanic Priestess is the archetype for this coming month.

It’s time to go deep and move forward with purpose. It’s time to fully feel our connection with the seasons and patterns of earth.

September 9th -11th
Rosh Hashanah

L’Shona Tova! The Jewish New Year is now. The closest new moon to the September Equinox is the way the Jewish tradition would tell it’s a new year. Being a culture, which uses a lunar calendar, and in fact the first sight of the sliver of the cresent moon, would tell their new year.

Funny as the Muslim New Year almost coincides with the Jewish New Year this time, which is very rare.

Here is a cool writing about that

According to these two major religious groups: Now is the time for the renewal of the next year.

September 11th
Mars moves into Aquarius

After moving back into Capricorn in it’s rare retrograde path, recently Mars has stepped back onto this current and brand new 2-year cycle. Over the next few weeks, he will cross back over the same star region he was just in for several months. This is where he changed from his last cycle to his current and new one.

Where he spends the most time in one sign is where he reaches opposition with the sun and begins a new journey. This sign he stays in for so long is the energy he carries throughout the entire cycle.

This sign is Aquarius.

The Aquarius masculine is the cosmic visionary, the rebel, the radical revolutionary!

The masculine is now exploring the expansion of consciousness and the big picture of life.

To do things your own way even if quirky, unique or eccentric is the way of Aquarius.

Mars was only in Capricorn for about a month this time and will now continue to embark on the path of the visionary masculine.

This leads us into an exploration of this theme in the collective masculine for the next two years.

September 12th -19th
Moon Conjunct Venus, Jupiter, Saturn then Mars

The moon illuminates the subconscious. It also acts as a measuring stick or marker for the visible planets… especially when 4 visible planets can be seen together in the evening sky!

Over this week you can watch the moon come in contact with Venus, then Jupiter, Saturn and Mars…. Tracking this is a great way to connect with the night sky and the movement of the planets.

The moon will light the way.

Moon Conjunct Venus

The planet of the divine feminine will be passed by the moon, which illuminates your unconscious.

Generally when the Moon passes by Venus it represents a gate it passes through or a deepening in the process of the feminine in her current cycle.

This is the 7th gate, and normally the final gate on her accent. Where she is in her brightest part of the cycle, just before she disappears into the sun and begins a new phase.

The 7 gate also represents the crown chakra or 7th chakra which is the one at the top of the head and connects you to divinity, oneness and spirit.

It’s time for the feminine part of you to connect with the great spirit and great mystery.

It’s time for the wild warrior feminine to reclaim her connection with divinity.

September 18th
Mars Square Uranus
For the 3rd and final time, the planet of the divine masculine, Mars comes into a 90-degree angle to the planet of abrupt change and radical shifts, Uranus.

This is rare for Mars to square any particular planet 3 times due to it being the most rare retrograde cycle out if the planets.

The great astrologer Dane Rudyar called this square angle alignment a “crises in action”.

A square is a dynamic influence that makes change most certain…. It’s not easy!

Expect some unexpected changes…. Though if you expect the unexpected, that means you’re expecting something!… So you can’t really do that either.

There is really no way to prepare for what is unexpected. So best to roll with the punches or go with the flow once change is occurring.

Mars is exploring the sign of Aquarius, the cosmic visionary.

Uranus is in the sign of physical beauty and pleasure, Taurus.

The teachings of earthy health and esthetics come into the awareness of the collective consciousness oriented divine masculine.

To see the bigger picture, the simple life pleasures are also included.

It’s time to for the collective masculine to incorporate connection to the body and the earth as he expands his consciousness.

September 20th
Mercury Conjunct the Sun

The messenger planet of thought, communication and intelligence will meet with the light of consciousness, the Sun.

This is the pyscopomp part of its phase according to Shamanic Astrology.

A psycopomp is a guide for souls to cross over through the worlds of life and death.

The planet Mercury will go from being visible in the early morning sky to the other side of the sun and becoming visible in the evening sky instead.

Now is the middle of that phase where it meets the Sun.

What messages will Mercury bring from this meeting with the Sun?

September 21st
Mercury moves into Libra

The planet of communication, cognition and perception moves into the sign of relationships, communication and justice, Libra.

This is the point of Equinox in the sky. The messenger planet will scope out the seen just a day before the sun moves into Libra and marks the Equinox.

September 22nd

The Light and dark become equal forces during the equinox. If on the equator there will be exactly 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark where as if you are more north or south, then that equal point could be a few days before or after.

This is a great day for ceremony.

This is a time to honor the cycles of nature, the sun and the seasons.

It’s now autumn in the north and spring in the south.

The north moves into less light and the southern hemisphere now gets lighter.

Now is the time to honor both parts of you. The light, the dark no difference


Much of these insights are in summary of my teachers at the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, a non-profit organization, which connects you to the living magic of earth and sky through the teachings of astrology, astronomy and cosmology. Click here to find out more about becoming a member of this school.


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