Astrology Insights
By Levi Banner

September 25th, 2019

Full Moon in Aries
Chiron Back into Pisces
Mars on the South Node
Saturn Square the Sun
Venus at it’s Brightest
… All in One Day?!

All this and Pluto goes Direct…

Greetings from Peru! I’m down here getting prepared for next year’s Advanced 300 hour Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training!  I just went by the retreat center to see the amazing new upgrade’s and developments and it’s stunning…  I’ve also been connecting with the local community to find some great guest teachers and shamans to come and join the experience. I’m very excited to announce registration is open very soon!

Other than that main mission, I’ve also got to do some soul searching, connecting with the mountains and the plant medicine in this part of the world. The spirit of the Incas at Machu Pichu is all around the country and more so the Apus, the spirits of the mountains are very present.

Last night I was in a full moon medicine ceremony. With so much happening above us, it was quite a powerful experience. I hope that you got to honor the post equinox energy, the full moon and the beauty in your life.

I’m on a mission to help others connect to the ceremonial celebration that life is.

Full Moon in Aries
This was the first full moon after the equinox. Happy Spring in the Northern hemisphere and Happy Fall in the South!

The full moon illuminates all at night. All darkness, it brings it to light.

The moon is full in the sign of Aries.

Aries is the archetype of a warrior, all in on their mission and purpose. Nothing can stop them. Ready for anything, Aries goes 110% to the goal.

So what is your mission? It is being illuminated!

How can you put more action into your passions and drive it home, back to your people.

Aries is the protector of the tribe. It is relational… Though in a different way than Libra.

The Sun entered Libra on the Equinox. The dynamic of relationships is alive and present at the equinox time. The full moon shows us this.

Aries needs to love something or someone in order to fight for it. Aries is the protector of the cosmic order! Aries will stop at nothing to do what’s right out of a sense of belonging and protection for what they love.

So what’s worth fighting for?

On the other hand Aries can be pushy and over exert. It can be black and white and overly focused on them and us. It can be impatient and short tempered.

So please also take a good look at where you might be overdoing things or putting in too much effort. Where can you relax a little and take less on?

Regardless make your mission clear in your heart. The healthiest way to achieve your goals will naturally unfold.

Just go for it!

Saturn Square the Sun

As the sun and Moon are opposite, as always during a full moon, Saturn is in a 90-degree angle with them creating a T-shape formation called a T-Square.

Saturn’s Square to the Sun is bi-annual occurrence, which slows the tangible things in life down and puts them into perspective.

Just what Aries needs?

This also brings out more of that dynamic relationship tension between Aries and Libra.

Don’t worry though, this hard work makes it clear what works and what doesn’t.  You can then move on more mature and more clear.

Venus at it’s Brightest

More on Aries. The 584 day cycle of Venus always starts in a particular sign in which we call an overtone or a Meta goddess.

Venus represents the sacred feminine.

Venus started a new cycle about a year and a half ago and is now at the very end peak. Fully initiated, having gone through all moon conjunctions towards the sun and coming back out the other side connecting to moon again.

The wild warrior woman, Aries, is now fully initiated, more mature and strategic.

Healthy Aries waits for the right time and knows when to strike.

Fully illuminated, Venus has reclaimed her power.

The crowning achievement. Full feminine glory.

Chiron back into Pisces

To relieve some of this Aries pressure, Chiron, which moved into Aries a couple of months back, now regresses back into the sign it was in for the past 7 years, Pisces. It will spend a month here until re-entering into Aries again where it will spend a good 6 years.

Chiron is the wounded healer or the shamanic healer. It shows us the wounds or fracture points that need healing. Once looked at and honored, the wounds, though maybe never fully healed, become our strengths and gifts to the world.

It’s only after having gone through something that you have the experience to guide someone else through it.

Back into emotional Pisces, the sign of the healer, the dreamer, the mystic.

It seems as if Chiron in Aries is taking a step back into Pisces in order to make sure we have done all the necessary healing possible for the 6-year mission ahead.

As we spend this next month with the wounded healer planet in the sign of the emotional, spiritual healer we have a release of pressure, a chance to mend our sores and bruises before going back into battle.

The healing of humanity.

Mars with the South Node
Lastly the planet of the divine masculine, Mars is with the South Node for the 3rd and final time.

The South Node is where a lunar eclipse will happen and did happen in July.

Mars is now retracing back over that exact same spot it was when the July lunar eclipse happened with Mars right next to it.

That rare and amazing occurrence was also the start of a brand new Mars cycle. The collective masculine is now on a new 2-year journey.

The new cycle that started at the eclipse was in Aquarius, the new overtone of the masculine quest.

Aquarius is the unique, rebellious, freethinking revolutionary.

The masculine is now reconnecting with the intent of this current 2-year cycle.

Taking one last look at it’s motives and scientifically taking the next steps, which are most likely big erratic leaps and bounds like an eagle flying above looking down.

With the big picture in mind the divine masculine can see clearly what it’s motives are.

What do you see? Now is the time for the masculine part of you to be the visionary it came to be. Free.

All that in one day?!

… yeah, so that’s just today…

September 29th
Pluto Goes Direct
The planet of the deep, intense underworld now begins to move forward again after several months moving backwards.

This far-out dwarf planet moves very slowly. Ensuring you have to fully feel the experience of your shadows, depth and intensity. There is nowhere to hide from Pluto. When in a personal Pluto cycle there is no choice but to surrender and fully feel what you are going through.

If you have recently been in a personal Pluto cycle, this movement forward could be marking the end of that long drawn out experience.

Pluto now moves forward and we can all move on. With the experience we’ve had, we are different than when we started.

The gift of going through the underworld.

We are transformed.

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