Astrology Insights
By Levi Banner

October 8th, 2018

New Moon in Libra
Venus enter the underworld
Sun enters Scorpio

Greetings from Bali! After all of my travels over the past few months, though amazing, it’s sooo good to be home! Over the past week I have been reconnecting with my friends, the community and the energy of this amazing island! I’ve been getting back to my regular yoga practice, I’m back to teaching at the Yoga Barn, and I’m open for astrology readings again! Please contact me if you’d like to schedule an appointment either online or in person.

I have a deep romantic love affair with this magical island I call home.

Which brings up what’s going on in the sky!

Astrologically speaking there seems to be a dynamic going on right now between the relational lover sign of Libra and the deeply emotional sign of Scorpio.

Here are my astrological sweet nothings and feelings for these current times:

October 8th
New Moon in Libra

It’s time to take a look at where you’re at and what you want to come up ahead.

New moon’s are a time for planting seeds of intention, discussing with the cosmos what you’d like t co-create over the next month.

This New Moon is in the sign of Libra, which is the most collaborative, cooperative and cocreative out of the 12 signs.
Libra likes to work together.

It’s the sign that is the most relationship oriented.

Libra likes to work it out.

So as you consider what it is that you want to work with this month, think about with whom.

Who do you want to spend your time with?

Choose to be around those that see you and love you for you, rather than your merits, your reputation, your accomplishments or your potentials. Just loving you for who you are.

It’s time to surround yourself with like-minded individuals that lift you up and not put you down.

Libra is the sign that can easily lose themselves within a relationship, as they are so willing to give up some of themselves to make it work.

They seek harmony and balance in all that they do.

They can also have a hard time making up their mind without someone else’s opinion.

So this is why it’s important to be around those you trust.

Are your relationships serving you too?

Try making a new friend and exploring a healthy dynamic.

It’s time to take a look at your relationship to the world, others and yourself. Because after all, this is one big mirror and the dynamic you see in your relationships, well, there’s a similar one inside.

Happy New Moon everyone!

October 10th
Moon conjunct Venus

Venus, the planet of the sacred feminine went retrograde on the 5th, which means it began to go backwards. This retrograde motion only happens every 18 months at the very end of it’s 584 day cycles.

This means the feminine has explored all it can in this last round, has finished, and is now integrating all that it’s learned on this previous trip.
As the moon passes by her for the 8th and final time after her ascent from the Sun, we are reminded of our connection to death, dying and the great unknown.

Not only is she retrograde in Scorpio, the sign of depth and intensity, Venus is now getting ready to enter the void of the unknown, or what we call the underworld. Soon, we won’t see her as she is falling closer towards the sun. She will spend a week with the great light, where we can’t see her, and then re-emerge in the morning sky on November 1st, dawning a new day of the feminine. A new Venus cycle will start.

So now, it’s integration time.

What have you learned in regards to your inner feminine or feminine expression this past year and a half?

October 12th
Sun Square Pluto

This happens only twice a year. The light of consciousness, the Sun comes into a 90-degree angle with the dwarf planet of the underworld, Pluto.

Pluto is the planet that brings transformation through deep, emotional, intense experiences. The Sun is connected to your ego identity and outer expression.

You can expect a bit of ego eradicating over these few days. Pluto tends to balance out the light with some dark.

The sun is in the sign of the sometimes needy, though harmonious, relational, lover Libra. Pluto is in the sign of the sometimes cold, though very responsible, practical community leader Capricorn.

How will we experience the dynamic of the very personal, relational energies in a tense dynamic with the least personal, most professional and responsible energies?

It’s that time of the year to find out.

This is about transforming our relationship shadows, bringing them to light to be exposed and integrated.

This very same day the moon conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio.

The moon represents the subconscious and shines light on the darkness of night. Jupiter expands anything it touches. Scorpio is the sign of depth, extremes, intense emotional experiences of maximum aliveness.

Expect a bit of depth this day.

October 18th
Moon conjunct Mars

The Moon which represents our subconscious and past life lineage will come in close contact with Mars which represents the Divine Masculine and the masculine within you.

Mars is on his new quest in the overtone of Aquarius, the sign of consciousness expansion and free thought. He just started a new two-year journey back in July. As he travels this new path he will encounter the moon at least 12 times which is likened to the 12 labors of Hercules.

In this hero story, the masculine must endure these experiences and mature through the process.

Now is one of those times. How will our hero survive? How will he explore the sign that he is currently in? His first test in the very sign he started in.

Mars stays in a sign for 7-8 months as he transitions from one cycle to the next. The new cycle begins in that very sign. This will be the punctuation point on the start of his journey. Sort of like the boy leaving the home for the first time.

What is a healthy expression of this free-electron, radical rebel? We will see over the next two years.

The Aquarius god is all about expansion of consciousness, seeing the big picture, and feeling free.

A new evolving Masculine is now being highlighted in Aquarius.

October 20th
Venus enters the underworld

Venus, the planet of the feminine now disappears from the world stage. For only about 7-8 days she will be lost in the light of the sun, unseen by human eyes. During this time period it’s as if she shape-shifts or goes through a metamorphosis into a new archetype.

This is when Venus goes from one cycle to the next.

Her previous cycle is now over. Now a new one begins.

The sign she will rise up in on November 1st will be the new overtone energy she will carry for the next 584-day cycle.

This past cycle she was carrying the overtone of Aries. The wild warrior woman has fully emerged and been fully initiated. That will be the last time we will see an Aries overtone in this lifetime.

The next overtone starting on November 1st will be in the sign of Libra. For the first time in our lifetime (since 1864) we will see the relational, collaborative, harmonious archetype of the feminine emerge.

Perfect as we just had a new moon in this very same sign. All great clues it is time to explore our relationships and our relationship to the feminine in these coming times.

Now it’s time to fully release everything the feminine in you no longer needs from the past year and a half an prepare for the journey ahead.

October 24th 
Sun enters Scorpio
Sun opposite Uranus

Two things happen with the Sun today that happen only once per year.

First the Sun, the light of conscious awareness and ego identity enters Scorpio, the sign of depth, emotional intensity and full power energy.

For the next month expect experiences when expressing yourself to go a lot deeper internally. Expect more emotions involved in outer experiences and see how you can fully feel your aliveness in these days.

Then the Sun, which represents your outer expression, is exactly opposite Uranus, the planet of abrupt changes and radical shifts.

Expect the unexpected! Though don’t expect that either because you can’t really rely on expectations when Uranus is involved. So instead just get ready to roll with the punches and expect whatever comes.

Whatever comes is usually, though it doesn’t seem that way, liberating you from what you thought was best for you and bringing you towards something much more in alignment.

It’s time for an ego shift.

Much of these insights are in summary of my teachers at the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, a non-profit organization which connects you to the living magic of earth and sky. Leading courses both online and at sacred sites around the world, the school awakens humanity to the teachings of astrology, astronomy and cosmology.

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