Astrology Insights
By Levi Banner

October 22, 2018

Full Moon in Taurus
Sun in Scorpio
Venus Metamorphoses

Greetings from Bali everyone! I’m back in full swing teaching regular classes, with many workshops coming up ahead and have recently opened registration for my brand new Shamanic Breathwork Training and Healing Immersion! If you’d like to join me for a deep and transformational journey through the 5 elements with Shamanic Breathwork here in Bali: Click Here to sign up or find out more.

Otherwise I am really enjoying my new office space at The Yoga Barn. Since arriving, I have been giving many of my work colleagues a reading as a free gift. It’s been a fantastic way to get know each other better! I highly recommended using astrology as a tool in your work field and within your relationships.

… Perhaps this was inspiration from the recent new moon in Libra… Intentions are powerful!

Lastly, an announcement for a brand new Shamanic Astrology course all about relationships and inner wholeness is coming out next newsletter! Mark your calendars for May 2019 if you want to come learn Shamanic Astrology first hand with my teacher here in Bali.

For now, here are my insights for these current times.


October 23rd
Sun moves into Scorpio

The light of consciousness, the Sun. The energy that shines light on all life moves into the sign that goes deepest into the darkness, depths and intensity. Tis’ the season of extremes, emotional experiences and maximum allotment of life force energy.

As the Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio it opposes the planet of abrupt shifts and radical changes, Uranus.

This adds in some eccentricity, electricity and randomness to the occasion.

Quite a way to start the season!

This very same night, the moon opposes the sun and creates a full moon in Taurus.

October 24th
Full Moon in Taurus
Uranus Conjunct the Full Moon

Just after the Sun enters Scorpio, the moon enters Taurus, coming in close contact with Uranus.

The moon, the light that shines on the darkest part of the night is one way of saying when the moon is opposite the Sun: it is brightest. Which is a full moon.

Whichever sign the moon is in at fullness is added to the energy that was intended at the new moon.

The new moon two weeks ago was in Libra, basing our lunar theme this month on Libran subjects such as relationships, fairness, connection and equality.

The full moon adds Taurus into the mix, full power.

The sign of Taurus brings into the monthly theme not only the Libran mental idea of relating, but also the Taurian physical experience of connection.

This brings in themes of pleasure and enjoyment. Sensuality, sexuality, full experience of the body! Fully in the moment presence shared with another.

Being opposite the sun in Scorpio, it’s the fullest allotment and most intense experience of pleasure in the body right now in this moment.

So that is the job. To fully receive what you are given. To fully embody the experience.

The fact that Uranus is so exactly aligned with this Sun and Moon opposition brings things up that would not and could not be expected.

Abrupt change, radical shifts and moments of extreme novelty. Uranus is known for shifting the assemblage point. Shifting the focus point or point of view by radically altering the physical, middle-world consistency, only to bring a bigger, upper-world, higher perspective.

So expect the un-expected. Though, don’t expect that either, because that is still expecting something!

Instead, this would be a perfect, or really amplified, lesson of Taurus. That no matter what is thrown your way, even if completely unexpected, to fully savor and enjoy the moment. Fully.

In-joy the full moon everyone!

October 25th
Venus interior Conjunction with the Sun

Today the planet of the feminine meets the source of light, the Sun.

Retrograde Venus has recently made her way through an entire cycle. Finishing recently in her brightest state only about a month ago, then has been going backwards only since October 6th, and now just the other day has left the world stage and entered what the ancients would consider the underworld. Which is when a planet is so close to the sun you cannot see it.

Venus is in the invisible underworld for about 1 week according to cultures such as the Mayans and Egyptians. In these cultures and in our school of thought, this is when Venus is changing from her last cycle and starting a new one.

The feminine is now metamorphosing from her last journey into her entirely new incarnation.

On November 1st she will re-emerge into the early morning sky and begin her new journey.

This view is different than the mainstream opinion of when the Venus cycle begins. In mainstream astrology it would be today! The reason is because the planet is now conjunct the sun. Though the only way to really know that is with a computer! This view completely disregards the transformational experience, which happens in the underworld. A story we all have throughout our lives.

It’s pretty easy to just use a computer program to tell you the alignments. It’s much more challenging and more importantly much more tangible to begin the cycle when you can first see her. Which is our view.

Our view is the way the ancients experienced it and we can still experience for ourselves now.

Some cultures such as the Hebrew tradition even saw the new moon as the first tiny visible crescent the start of the new moon cycle rather than the dark of the moon.

So Venus will begin a new 18-month cycle beginning on November 1st. just like a new moon crescent, we will begin to see her then. And just like a new moon she will carry that energy for the entire cycle. The energy she will carry is the sign of Libra.

Venus will rise in Libra.

October 29th
Mercury Conjunct Jupiter

The planet of thought and communication, Mercury comes in contact with the planet of growth and expansion, Jupiter.

Mercury, the messenger planet that is attuned to our thoughts will be enhanced, amplified and expanded.

This happens in the sign of Scorpio. Deep thoughts to the maximum can occur.

The very next day Mercury moves into Sagittarius.

October 30th
Mercury into Sagittarius

The planet that attunes cognition, perception and communication enters the philosophical sign of Sagittarius.

This is one of the first clues of energy moving out of Scorpio. Venus, Jupiter and then the Sun are all making their way out of this intense sign very soon.

Mercury in Sagittarius is truth seeking, wondering, questioning and philosophy. It’s time to expand your consciousness and see a new way.

October 31st
Venus moves into Libra

The feminine planet, Venus moves into the relational sign, Libra. This marks a very important, very remarkable new era of the feminine!

This is preparation for the very next day when Venus rises up in the visible morning sky and begins in a new cycle. She will carry this Libra energy through the entire journey, as it will be the sign she rises in.

Libra is the theme of relationships, collaboration, connection as well as fairness, justice and equality.

Themes for the new version of the feminine rising up now!

November 1st
Venus begins a new cycle

After a week in the metamorphic underworld, which is when the feminine planet is near the Sun and therefore not visible, Venus now begins a new journey.

She has fully let go of her last cycle’s experience and begins a new incarnation.

Venus is now visible in the early morning sky.

As she rises in the sign of Libra, she will carry this energy as the “overtone” for the entire 18-month cycle that she starts today.

For the next year and a half we will explore and experience the relational, collaborative, fairness and equality based version of the feminine.

It’s time to become intimate friends with the feminine part of you.

November 7th
The nodes change signs on the New Moon… Details about this in the next newsletter!

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