Astrology Insights
By Levi Banner, MA, E-RYT 500 

February 4th, 2019 

Greetings from a beautiful forest on a crystal covered mountain in New Zealand! I’m here attending the Luminate Music Festival and traipsing around d the South Island for a couple of weeks. You should see how many stars are visible! With all planets moving forward this month, today is a new moon in Aquarius, the New year in China, the Cross Quarter or Imbolc in Pagan traditions, and one of the most sacred days of all…. My birthday! To have this all happen on the same day is quite magical. I’m feeling blessed and amazed at the alignments taking place for all of us at this time. As well as for me personally 😉 Here are my insights for these magical times. 

February 4th
New Moon in Aquarius
Cross Quarter
Chinese New Year
Happy Bday to me
The New Moon is a time for renewal. Always it’s a great time for setting intentions and watching them grow through the month. Whichever sign or season the moon is in gives us a particular theme or influential energy to work with.  This New Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, the archetype of the visionary, rebel, radical revolutionary. Themes of science and free thinking come into play when this air sign focused on self exploration and expansion of consciousness comes into play. So as you set your intentions, let your highest visions come in. Expand your awareness as far up and out as it can go. For this is the energy of Aquarius.  Another reason is that this very same day, the moon will pass exactly over Mercury, the planet of mental thoughts, cognition and perception.  The moon doesn’t just pass by Mercury, it actually covers it up for a little while. We call this an occult, which is similar to an eclipse.  Another significance of today is that each year, this new moon in Aquarius is the start of the Chinese New Year. This culture created their astrology system using the planet Jupiter, which moves through one sign per year for the base of it’s knowledge and interpretation. Then they switched to a moon calendar and so now we have a new year at a certain new moon though still using those same signs of Jupiter as they once created. This is the year of the Pig. The Astrological Cross Quarter is also today.  The February Cross Quarter is the day exactly between the December Solstice and the March Equinox. Which was known as Imbolc in Pagan culture and celebrated as such. Some cultures thought of this as the start of a cycle rather than the middle of one and was celebrated in that way. To have this Cross Quarter day be exactly during a New Moon is not every year, though much more rare than that.  Plus all of this happens to land on my birthday. So for me I’m really feeling the blessed by these alignments. I just watched the sun set behind the trees in the forest in New Zealand and it was very special to me. To know that Solstice and Equinox are exactly the same distance apart. I’m now enjoying some music and vibes at the Luminate festival. I’m in the chill tent writing you this article because I’ve set an intention to do what I love and to love what I do… To let my life be my work. To let work be incredibly fun and fulfilling and to let my life be filled with this magic all the time.  I hope that wherever you are during this new moon you are feeling the magic as I am.

 February 10th
Mars Conjunct the Moon
The planet of the collective Masculine is crossed by the planet of the subconscious and past life lineage, the moon today. As the Masculine planet goes on his two year quest he is faced with many difficulties and challenges. Much like a hero story such as the Labors of Hercules. This Labor the masculine pis faced with the sign and influence of Aries, the warrior archetype dedicated to its mission and purpose.  With the collective projection of the masculine needing too be a warrior in these patriarchal times of the recent past, I think this challenge is more about how the collective masculine can heal that. That a warrior does not mean a soldier of war though can be a warrior of love and life. For it is the most healthy experience of an Aries man in these times to be a protector of the cosmic order and righteous ways.  What is that to you and your inner made line? It’s tome for the masculine to stand for a mission and purpose most in alignment with healthy values. This very same day Mercury, the planet of thought and communication moves into Pisces, the sign of emotional sensitivity and healing energy. This could be a bit of hazy confusion or an opportunity to feel into situations with your emotions and feeling function. 

February 13th
Mars Conjunct Uranus
Mars, the planet of the collective Masculine will come into contact with Uranus, the planet of abrupt changes and radical shifts. The Sacred Masculine now encounters some shifting and changing before it moves into the next sign the very next day. Uranus will follow in a few weeks. There is a bigger story at play here. These two planets are in the sign of Aries now, highlighting this sign. However when Uranus originally entered Taurus a few months ago before moving retrograde back into Aries it was in alignment with the very start of the Mars cycle in mid July during the full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius.  Now as the sun is in the season of Aquarius 6 months later we find these two planets have caught up with each other, albeit in a different sign though both about to move back into the next sign. Wow. To break this down is simply to reflect on the dynamic of Aquarius and Taurus. Now with a little Aries mixed in. Soo how is the collective masculine healing the patriarchy caused wounding around d soldiers as at war and men faced to battle for a country or cause not in alignment with their ideals and goals in life. Aries. As we head into an expansion consciousness, Aquarius, and health in our bodies, Taurus, beyond what what we’ve known before. This is not mind vs body though more of how can they work together. The mission and purpose coming into the next cycle where Uranus will be in Taurus for the next 7 years is about illuminating our evolving consciousness and embodying this evolution in a practical way.  How can we integrate our rapidly expanding technology and awareness of self into a grounded physical way that is savored in presence? This mission has already started. Today highlights this purpose.  

February 14th
Mars moves into Taurus
Today is not just Valentines day, though Mars, the planet of the collective Masculine snow moves into the Taurus, the archetypal sign of the lover, pleasure seeker and enjoyer. The collective masculine will blow explore beauty, sensuality, sexuality and physical pleasure. Taurus is about embodiment, patience and presence. It’s time for your inner masculine to feel pleasure for it’s own sake, to receive enjoyment  of the senses and to fully indulge and savor each delectable moment, now. Happy Valentines Day 😉 

February 18th
Sun moves into Pisces
Chiron moves in Aries
Venus Conjunct Saturn
Mercury Conjunct Neptune

 What a day! Today the sun, the light of all life moves into Pisces, the sign of compassion, sensitivity and divine connection.  Tis the season for healing. Also today, the Asteroid or dwarf planet Chiron, most known as the wounded healer, moves out of Pisces where it retrograded back into and moves again into the sign of Aries. The sign of commitment and mission driven action. It’s time to bring the wounds into a mission of healing. It’s time to wear those wounds as gifts to bring forth into this new cycle.  Chiron will stay in this sign of Aries, not looking back for the next 6 years! Another alignment today is Venus, the planet off the collective feminine comes into close contact with Saturn, the planet of structure form and stability.  Interestingly these planets are right next to the star Vega, which was the north star or pole star 13,000 years ago. Saturn is only there every 30 years and Venus is there to meet it.  Ancient alchemists saw this as one of the sacred stars to do their magical alchemy to.  Today the mixture of feminine empowerment mixes with some discipline, commitment and healthy boundaries. Being in the sign of Capricorn, this makes a lot more sense as Capricorn loves all of that. The collective feminine is in a maturation process. And finally Mercury, the planet of communication, cognition and perception connects with Neptune, the planet of fuzziness, dreaminess and intangibility. Today you can expect a bit less clarity and more fuzzy confusion. More of an opportunity connect with intuition and a great time to gain insight from your dreams. Just don’t get caught day dreaming 😉 It’s time for the mind to communicate with the heart.

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