Astrology Insights

By Levi Banner M.A.

June 3, 2019

Hi everyone, I’m back in Bali and it’s good to be home. I’m on schedule at the Yoga Barn with morning yoga sessions 3 x per week and for the first time ever, I have Shamanic Breathwork 2 x per week! Come breath, stretch or get an astrology session.

I’m also back on track for online astrology readings for those of you around the world. Contact me to schedule a reading.

I recently spent the past two weeks in North Carolina with my teachers taking a breathwork healing program as a student! It was a deeply immersive and highly healing experience for me. A much needed shamanication. This is the same Shamanic breath work training course that I usually lead. I went many layers deeper taking it for myself.

Always a student.

Deep gratitude for my teacher Star Wolf and the entire Venus Rising staff for holding such a safe and sacred space for me to learn, heal and grow in.

Now, I’m back in action. A wounded healer. Planning a brand new astrology course and yoga/breathwork training in November. Announcements and registration open soon. Contact me for details or wait for the announcement!

So i’m back in Bali for June and July. I’d love to see you in a class, workshop or training. 

Here are my insights for this current time:

June 3

New moon in Gemini

A new moon is always when the moon is conjunct the sun. For a period of about 3 days, the moon is not visible because it is in the light of the sun and cannot be seen. 

Today is the midpoint of that 3 days. The exact conjunction. The new moon point.

This particular new moon is in the sign of Gemini.

This is a highly charged moon in the mental and creative realms.

Gemini is the archetypal energy of the trickster, eternal youth, Peter Pan never growing up. In Gemini we create a new world full of imagination and possibilities.

Creating your new moon intentions surrounding having more fun, playing more often or breaking some overly ridged rules would be in alignment with this Gemini themed new moon cycle which begins now!

June 4

Moon conjunct Mercury

The planet of thought and communication, Mercury is conjunct the sub-conscious light of past life, the moon. 

This brings to light any outdated thoughts in the dark recess of your sub conscious.

This happens at galactic edge. The exact opposite of our galaxy’s center.

Galactic edge is thought of by several ancient cultures to be the place where soul’s come into this life to be a part of earth.

June 5 

Moon conjunct Mars

The planet of the sacred masculine, Mars is conjunct the sub-conscious light of past life, the moon. 

Mercury and Mars are hanging our with each other a lot in the month of June. If you have clear and open skies you can see. The moon passed Mercury yesterday and now Mars today. These two planets will meet each other in another week and a half.

Mercury is actually brighter than Mars right now. Mars is the red one.

The planet Mars has a synodic cycle which we in Shamanic Astrology liken to a hero’s journey or a masculine quest. This one that Mars is currently on started last July in the sign of Aquarius, which is the energy the masculine planet carries throughout this quest.

During the journey, Mars will be crossed by the moon many times. Each time is like another labor or challenge and has very much to do with the sign it’s in and which star groups are behind it.

This will be the 9th Labor in the sign of Cancer close to the twins constellation. 

Cancer brings the themes of compassion, care and sensitivity. The masculine within us all is being initiated in a new way to this archetype. 

This is a maturation of the masculine.

Next month will be one more labor before the masculine planet goes into the underworld or near the sun which is halfway along it’s hero’s journey.  This is why the red planet has become so dim. It is getting closer to the light of the sun. Once close enough, you won’t see him anymore. 

June 9

Venus enters Gemini

The planet of the sacred feminine, Venus moves into the sign of play, fun and rule bending, Gemini.

Venus has a particular synodic cycle which we liken to the journey of the feminine. As she moves through the signs, she is initiated into these energies.

The sign of gemini brings out exploration, the realm of possibilities and ultimately, the movement beyond duality and polarity. 

It’s time for the feminine inside of you to bend the rules and have more fun!

Also today, the moon is with the fixed star Regulus. The brightest star in the lion constellation. Look for it in the night sky and open your heart to this powerful star. One of the 4 royal stars which the Persians tuned into 3,000 years ago when the 4 royal stars marked the solstices and the equinoxes.

June 10

Jupiter opposite the Sun

Today the planet of growth and expansion, Jupiter is in the exact opposite place in the sky to the light of consciousness, the Sun. 

Only planets as far from earth as Mars and beyond will come into opposition with the Sun. This will happen for Jupiter once per year. 

This yearly opposition means that Jupiter will rise at the same moment the Sun will set and be then visible all night long until the sun rises and Jupiter sets. 

This particular opposition happens in the signs of Sagittarius and Gemini. 

Jupiter is in Sagittarius which is the energy of truth, expansion and courage.

The Sun is the sign if Gemini which is the sign of fun, play and out of the box thinking.

Both signs have a free spirited, explorative, in service to spirit energy.

This polarity brings out the peak of exploration, expansion and growth to the Jupiter cycle happening in Sagittarius.

Jupiter and Sagittarius have similar qualities. Jupiter is only in this part of the sky once every 12 years. As Jupiter moves through this sign for this one year, this is the peak of that experience. 

To time to expand into the highest truth and move into new territory. The peak of the mountain is here. 

What’s next?

June 13

Sunrise and Sunset

Today is this year’s earliest sunrise in the northern hemisphere and the earliest sunset in the southern hemisphere. 

Go outside and experience this once in a year opportunity. 

June 14

Mars opposite Saturn

The planet of the sacred masculine, Mars opposes the planet of limits and boundaries, Saturn.

As the sacred masculine goes about his hero’s journey he is now face to face with his own limiting beliefs and hard earned aspects of accepting and being who he is.

This is a confrontation of what is in the way or what is supporting the masculine to be the best version of himself. 

It’s time to let go of old patriarchal ways and embrace a new loving man of heart.

This happens in the sign of Cancer and Capricorn which brings more meaning to what I just said.

These are the signs of house holder, culture barrier modalities that bring up culture, family, and structure.

It’s time to take a good look at what is working and what is not in regards to our own inner masculine. 

It’s time for the masculine to support himself being the most compassionate and caring he can be. To then be support for others.

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